1. Making Your Wedding Unforgettable

    For better or for worse, a wedding can be the most exciting and significant day of your life—do we even need to talk about what it symbolizes? But weddings aren’t just about love and cake and marital bliss—they come with a lot of logistics and planning. Here are a few requirements for an unforgettable wedding day. A Special Location If your wedding is going to be the most magical event of yo…Read More

  2. Pros vs. Amateurs

    At Front Porch Productions, we understand how a high-quality video production can improve your professional prospects, bring excitement to your events, and preserve some of life’s greatest moments. That’s why we offer professional video production services in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. However, we also know how hiring video production enthusiasts, amateurs, and freelancers can derail an …Read More

  3. Hire The Pros For Any Event

    Front Porch Productions is well-known for its video equipment rental and setup here in the Dallas area, but we’re dedicated to providing audio, video, and lighting solutions for any event, anytime, at any venue in the area. Here are a few situations where Front Porch Productions can make your event unforgettable. Weddings A wedding is supposed to be a magical event, so it’s a shame that so man…Read More

  4. Hiring Audio and Video Production Services to Get It Right the First Time

    One of the great aspects of making a movie or television show is that you can keep shooting a scene again and again until you get it right. An actress flubs a line, you shoot it again. The actor's wig falls off, you just run the scene again. No problem. But what about those once-in-a-lifetime events that need to be caught on video? What about the ones that you need to go perfect the first time, en…Read More

  5. Why Rent Video And Sound Equipment Before You Buy?

    There’s no doubt about it: in America, we’re a buying culture. We buy tools when and only use them once. We buy RVs and only use them one week a year. The only time most of us rent is when we’re flying into a city and have to rent a car...and even then Uber would probably be the choice that would save you money! So renting video and audio equipment isn’t often the first thing people think …Read More

  6. Why Our Onsite Setup Services Will Make Your Event Better

    When you hire Front Porch Productions, we’re not going to leave you in the lurch. You might be renting our AV equipment and running your special event, but you don’t have to do it alone. Of course, maybe you want to do it alone. Sure, we can deliver the equipment and leave. Or you can pick it up and you don’t even have to let us know what the venue is. But we’re here; why not take advantag…Read More

  7. Make Your Wedding Unforgettable with Front Porch Productions

    No one imagines their wedding day and thinks “It is going to be such a beautiful day! I hope I have nothing to remember it by.” Unless of course, it is a secret wedding. But that is a topic for another time. It is far more likely that you and your spouse will want to remember those special moments for the rest of your lives. You have hired the photographer and the videography team, and you ha…Read More

  8. Let Your Voice Be Heard

    In this political season, it’s more important than ever for us to exercise our right to express ourselves. After all, no real change is possible without discourse. As Americans, we pride ourselves on our freedom of expression and we have a rich history of great orators and communicators who paved the way for us. We can only hope that, by following their great example, we can effect positive chan…Read More

  9. It’s All About Style

    Regardless of what people say, impressions are everything. Image matters. The persona we project can mean the difference between success and failure. Some will argue that this outlook is shallow and unfair. But let’s be real, it is actually about the only way to even the playing field when it comes to business. Not everyone can become the most skilled person in a particular field over night, bu…Read More

  10. The Right Specs for Your Space

    It should go without saying, but not all audio and video equipment is made equal. It should also be noted that not all spaces require the same types of equipment. If you are holding a major event in an arena type setting, the types of equipment you will need will be drastically different from what would be needed in the basement of a small church. The right (or wrong) equipment set-up can make or …Read More